jjcommunity Keeping it Real ("KiR") with Emily and Michael.

Hey Y'all! @ohemg87 here to officially announce its definitely fall! Even in Texas! I had to wear a jacket to work this morning!!! It's a miracle! :) and just in time for the great theme Michael picked for us this weekend.

This shot is by @littlecoal and I'll be honest, Michael and I may have fought over this. :) I win! Eric, it's a great shot and I love how you edited it!! Thanks for Keeping it Real.

Your challenge this weekend is to show us the "Changing of the Seasons" in your neck of the woods. Take a picture and tag it #jj_keepingitreal_007! :)
  •   aliguacamole Yay @littlecoal!!! It is the best to see your shots featured!!! @ohemg87 excellent shot for this challenge! 3y
  •   amberrrjones Wow!! @littlecoal That is a beautiful shot! L-O-V-E 3y
  •   robertarobedeau Oh yeah!!! @littlecoal @ohemg87 It was so cold here in KY today! Even working in the garden was a little hard for me... Brazilians under 70F just don't function!!!! 3y
  •   jj_editor_not_your_avg_bear @littlecoal congrats on another great image & feature Eric! 3y
  •   belinda.elise @littlecoal I really like the stark contrast in the colours. Beautiful job. 3y
  •   mizzwycked Tags STILL aren't working! Been having this issue since last night grrr! Photos are showing up on MY page but not on the pages I've tagged them too :( So frustrating. 3y
  •   jessannlucas Capturing. <3 3y
  •   gennacameronphotography @littlecoal Eric, I knew that was yours before I even saw yr name. It's pretty cool that when they could've picked almost 200k other IGer's pics, they chose yours...again...and it stands out. You are so unique. I'm such a fan 3y

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