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Everyday we get together and post our best images to a new #JJ forum gallery based on a theme. Our @JJ_editors browse that gallery through out the day and highlight their favorite shots. It's a great way to meet some of Instagram's most passionate photographers and to get your work seen.
Todays theme is "Reflection". Tag your images to the #jj and #jj_forum_0414 galleries.
You know how we work around here guys. We're about connecting. Being authentic. Don't just post. Take a real interest others shots in the gallery too. Comment and like.
Cant wait to see all your pics and please don't forget to 1-2-3.
@jj_editor_lizpe featured this delightful shot by @raulalexandre in yesterday's abstract forum. Thank you so much for sharing it with us Raul. The colors are mesmerizing.
  •   teetee17 @raulalexandre, your comments are probably not actually being deleted... the jj forums frequently experience technical difficulties due to the large amount of traffic on the account. Right, @ohemg87 @kevinkuster? 3y
  •   raulalexandre Right @teetee17, Only my account is having troubles disapearing on this feed... 3y
  •   kevinkuster @raulalexandre We do not delete comments on # JJ unless they are inappropriate or personally attack someone. Regrettably, due to the high traffic we experience comments get deleted all the time. Nothing we can do about it. Please send a complaint to Instagram. Thanks for understanding. 3y
  •   kevinkuster @teetee17, thanks 3y
  •   raulalexandre @kevinkuster i wasn't expecting a different answer from you, but Is quite strange only my comments disapeared... Do you agree? Regards 3y
  •   kevinkuster @raulalexandre No. You only know when your comments get deleted. My comments and other members get deleted as well. As I said please help us and send a complaint to IG to help is get this corrected. Thanks. 3y
  •   jjcommunity @raulalexandre Sorry you're having this problem Raul. I didn't delete any of your comments. It's a technical problem with Instagram. If you are skeptical ask yourself this. Why would I delete your thank you posts and keep these less flattering ones? Thanks again for sharing your picture with us in the forum. Love it. 3y
  •   escapistsolo Ohhhhh me gusta!!! 3y

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