beachmama Juice at the beach!!! Day 5 #crazyjuicer and loving life!!!!! I weighed yesterday and after 3 full days I had already dropped 13lbs!!!! Omg! #lifeisgood #vegan #vegansofig #juice #juicing #juicefast #weightloss #hawaiilife #hawaii #love #veganfoodshare #raw #rawfoodshare 3y
  •   keenunbarley AWESOME! 3y
  •   veganmiam Good luck! 3y
  •   edithg__ 3y
  •   lolidm So how u making ur juicer work at the beach? 3y
  •   mystical_krew hope ur feeling better. 3y
  •   gsantollo Feel great 13 days left 3y
  •   beachmama @lalamanifesto hahaa thanks so much! I really don't have any tip other than I just keep telling myself it'll be there when I'm done and it somewhat makes me feel empowered when I can resist. Guess it's a power trip thing, idk lol I try to look at food as fuel :) I'm not always strong but when I fast I commit fully :) @shellideleen totally and here's mine. @juicingbee thank you! Ditto! @lolidm I pre-juiced in cooler yummy as ever :) 3y
  •   beachmama @mauka_krew thank you! Today's better than yesterday but I hate not being 100%, ya know?! 3y

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