veggie_mama This is how we farmers market. Wear babies and eat frozen mango nectar. #winning 2y
  •   veggie_mama @taliacarbis yep! So good. 2y
  •   motherdownunder How good! 2y
  •   _ckb_ I recently went vegetarian and am finding myself eating the same stuff & not getting enough protein. any advice would be greatly appreciated! 2y
  •   veggie_mama @_ckb_ oh sure! Have you checked out my blog? Lots of good recipes + food ideas. Quinoa and beans are good for protein. Do you do dairy? 2y
  •   veggie_mama @_ckb_ oh and eggs for protein too if you eat those 2y
  •   veggie_mama @designermamas @raisingmastermax you guys... Love your gutses x 2y
  •   _ckb_ I will check it out. thanks! I do eat dairy. prob shouldn't, but I do. 2y
  •   veggie_mama @_ckb_ meh, we do the best we can! Vitasoy soy milky is a good way to get off milk, it's white and doesn't taste like soy! I'd be more worried a out getting iron than protein, protein's in everything. Iron is harder to absorb for girls so it pays to be extra careful about it. But if you do dairy, then protein's pretty easy xx 2y

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