•   jdbsprite Omfb my feelings 5mon
  •   truebeliebs OMG Justin you're 21 years old today. It feels like you were that cute little boy yesterday. OMG you're growing so fast. When I'm down you always make me feel better with your music. In the beginning i was just a fan that listened to your music at youtube but now words cant describe how much I love and respect you. And im glad to be a belieber you are my lifesaver my angel and my idol Omg im starting to cry you're growing up and i am sitting on my couch and felling like shit. I love you Justin happy birthday I hope that you will have an amazing birtday!!
    //Agnes a truebelieber5mon
  •   fefa_drew2.0 My angel 5mon
  •   nydiagomez32 I remember 4 weeks ago it was your birthday but any time I thing of that time I think of my grandma unfortunately ur birthday is the day she past away I miss u Justine so much I can't stop crying listening to ur old songs but I am so happy that u r happy and that my grandma is in a happy place 4mon
  •   mollykhaase I was there that night!! such an unforgettable night you were so amazing! I have never left your side you have always showed me whats important in life and u brighten my day everday 3mon
  •   salochelidze we can fly together <3 @justinbieber 3mon
  •   sofia__islas Direct on my feels 1mon
  •   mollykhaase ^ im commented that 2w

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