hipstaroll Red! Yellow! Wow! Brace your HipstaEyes for intense color this week.
On his own, Alfred boasts big bold red, often with dreamy creamy yellows. We are pairing him up with Jimmy who is as yellow as can be, but certainly not yellow-bellied.
If you aren't a fan of the brazen red glow this combo will surely cast upon your roll, we recommend a couple of things: 1) shooting in lower light situations, as the brighter the lighting, the crazier the reds. & 2) using Pop Rox or Jolly Rainbo flashes to neutralize the heady reds.

Please welcome this weeks Official Hipstaroll Correspondent, Bridgette S. (@bridgettesxo)
Please tag this week's Combo:: #HipstaRoll_Week68 #Jimmy #AlfredInfrared #Hipstamatic & if you use a flash, tag that too.

• NO additional filters, crops or edits.
• Tag up to 3 photos per combo.
• For faster reply, direct questions to one of the admin: @punkrawkpurl or @lucky_chucky

Hipstaroll is NOT a challenge. It is an ongoing project to encourage trying new Hipstamatic combinations. Through this, we hope to learn a little more about Hipstamatic, our own process, and even about one another's.

Photo by Official Hipstaroll Correspondent, Bridgette S. & shot using the PopRox Hard Flash

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