anupriya1 Whitby, U.K. 2y
  •   asmvo I loved being in Whitby what a shame I had no camera with me! I'm regretting it nearly everyday! 2y
  •   anupriya1 @polly_edits Cheers Rachel! Did you enjoy the chips there? 2y
  •   anupriya1 @asmvo that's terrible! No one should be without a camera in Whitby! Go again? 2y
  •   asmvo @anupriya1 I definitely hope that I'm going again! I was there during the gothweekend (coincidently) 2y
  •   rachel_avalon Chips from Trenchers. Best chippy ever 2y
  •   anupriya1 @asmvo excellent! Bring us back some awesome pictures! 2y
  •   asmvo @anupriya1 I will ! :D 2y
  •   anupriya1 @polly_edits Rach, I fail to do full justice to Whitby/Trenchers because I'm vegetarian! Chips without fish just feels like I'm robbing them 2y

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