amfairbanks #WhatIread - currently reading Hypnobirthing. Amazing how much figure skating prepares you for natural birth. So many similar concepts! #fmsphotoaday #photoadayoct #pregnant #pregnancy #reading #instabook #whatyouread 3y
  •   amfairbanks @inevergrewup yeah I'm actually really excited for the whole birth experience. Plus I'm totally not scared, which I hear is half the battle. Just gotta trust my body and be with people that do too! :) 3y
  •   ashdanz All natural is the way to go. Are you using an OB or Midwives? 3y
  •   amfairbanks @ashdanz I have a midwife. Love her. And she is actually pregnant herself -- due next week! My check-ups are sort of pregnant woman girl talk. Lol! But seriously, she is so awesome all around. 3y
  •   adrihbrown That's the same book I'm reading for my class. It's really good! A nice compliment to the Ina May book you recommended. Let me know if you want the ladies name who teaches the class. Or I can give you get website and you can check it out. Have you been listening to the rainbow relaxation and birthing affirmation tracks? 3y
  •   amfairbanks @adrisk8 I borrowed it from @em_jo. Just started it so haven't started listening yet. Def would love the lady's info! 3y
  •   meganmaybee They talked about that on the radio today! 3y
  •   ashdanz @amfairbanks Good! I don't know how I would have survived the whole pregnancy and birth without a midwife. I'm a huge fan of the midwife philosophy. I'm sure you've watched, The Business of Being Born, yes? There is another part to it now (it's on Netflix). 4 part series. The first episode they interview Ina May and visit The Farm. Check it out if you haven't already. 3y
  •   amfairbanks @ashdanz yep I've seen the first one. Funny you mention the other because my (also pregnant) best friend and I have a date to watch it on Netflix tonight. This is the new form of girls night. Ha! 3y

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