bhuntnh #tbt Barspin drop in at #ryeairfield at the last wicked jam and Cedric the Entertainer has absolutely nothing to do with it. Photo- @terrible1stebs #newhampshire #bmx 3y
  •   seeyounexttuesday_ I was there for that. So nuts 3y
  •   brandonchristiebmx @bhuntnh whos with Cedric in the photo? 3y
  •   _teejbmx I can barely make it to the top of that wall! It has so much vert to it. I can't imagine dropping in on it. You're awesome. 3y
  •   cameronasa This is epic man. I found a wall today on street and my first thought was you dropping in with a bar. 3y
  •   bhuntnh @cameronasa thanks man, miss you bud. Maybe you'll take me there? 3y
  •   cameronasa @bhuntnh ha next time you come through. Consider it done. 3y
  •   lippottm @bhuntnh is that the Phillies commentator Sarge? 3y
  •   mo__malone Fuckin crazy. 3y

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