lon_nestrud Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) and Exene Cervenka (X) last night at the Oracle OpenWorld event on Treasure Island in San Francisco. 3y
  •   meltastic1 I will answer to anything that starts with an M... Hehe... (either one is just fine;) 3y
  •   lon_nestrud @meltastic1 - Okay - Marvin, it is! 3y
  •   meltastic1 Ha! That's a new one!! Love it! 3y
  •   lon_nestrud @mirkography - Same to you! I really love your work. Amazing compositions!! 3y
  •   ciortea Exene was amazing. X was amazing. Great capture. 3y
  •   lon_nestrud @ciortea - They were a lot of fun. I knew them only from a more recent album (2003ish) - so I need to go get some of their earlier stuff. Too bad they had to cut their show a bit short. Still - it was so awesome to see Eddie enjoying their set - and then joining them at the end. What a class act. 3y
  •   ciortea Better late than never! X is essential for original punk lovers. They are in a way to LA what Ramones were to NY. Punk Rock n Roll. The song they opened with happens to be my favorite song of theirs, made me happy! 3y
  •   lon_nestrud @that_girl_shirl_ - fun night! 3y

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