casieterry I've not gone a single day without one. At this point I might as well keep going, right? 3y
  •   kellywieland @casiemace is that a choc filled croissant???? Yum!!! 3y
  •   casieterry @kellywieland yes. Omg. The chocolate inside is Swiss chocolate yumminess. ridiculous. 3y
  •   kellywieland I'm so jell! 3y
  •   jamielmay I did the same thing. When in Europe, you must indulge! :) 3y
  •   randiwood @casiemace yes! The most glorious thing is... You are probably walking so much you won't even notice it on your waistline! 3y
  •   casieterry @randiwood oh girl... Let's not even talk about how many times I've had fondue, steak frittes and chocolate candy. The jeans are def tighter. But i reason that I can always work it off when i get home... I can't always have fondue in Switzerland. Haha! 3y

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