kyori Choot Choot & its Lingering Artist | There is always a little bit of the artist's soul in every painstaking delicate work of his. Yes, that means I might be around you somewhere while you're looking at this pic. PS, as to many of my pics posted here, I usually crop them into square format but I've decide to show the full view for this one as a crop will certainly spoil the feel of the image. A lot of my pics has full view versions that are not shown here. 2y
  •   kyori @nvrich Thanks for all the likes and comments! :) 2y
  •   bws.cattis ...aren't you around, somewhere in all your pictures? Like that thought. Cos that's what makes some photographers into 'Artists', while others, remains 'just a good photographer'... If u read me!? No soul, or not even a sign of it; no Artist! ...ok, I know; I have my blog to clutter and deliver all my 'Big Big thinking'! Ps: You're aloud to call yourself 'Artist'! 2y
  •   kyori @bws_c_urbancat Haha actually photographer and artist are really quite different. Traditional photographers or you-know-which-type-of-photographers I'm referring to...usually just do what the camera and the lens can provide them. It is their ethic not to edit pictures using softwares, and that practice has become their religion. They like to define genres into groups, separating the once wonderful community. Artists on the other hand is different because they'll use any or everything that'll make your work how they want it to be.... No restriction, no boundaries.... That's the difference between the two. Hehe 2y
  •   ilmassimo 2y
  •   avalon08 Beautifully expressed!! Lovely, enticing feed, could spend all morning wandering through it. 2y
  •   kyori @avalon08 Thank you! Take your time, no hurry. My feed will always be here. :) 2y
  •   malakguizar <3 2y
  •   kyori @anndyguzman Thanks! 2y

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