baltimoresun What are your observations from watching last night's U.S. presidential debate? How would you grade the candidates and how do you think this debate will affect the race? PHOTO: President Barack Obama greets Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the start of the first presidential debate Wednesday night at the University of Denver. (Jason Reed/Reuters) #barackobama #mittromney #election2012 #debate2012 2y
  •   roguesofly Romney came on strong. He was very aggressive, I like that. We need that in a president. He constantly had Obama on the defense, which is a good strategy debate wise. His plans made much more sense than Obama's, then again he was much more articulate so when he said things with conviction, you're inclined to believe them. I like his plan for Heathcare. As a provider, i feel Obamacare is a huge dark cloud that I pray never comes to fruition. It is a terrible plan that may collapse the entire healthcare system. I'm voting Romney. He won me over last night, for sure. 2y
  •   sbeckphoto @roguesofly What about people who aren't providers? What about the incredible amount of people who are employed, but are consistent freelancers who are not eligible for benefits? Or the people who are eligible but their paycheck would barely cover how much the insurance costs? Obamacare doesn't have to be scary because it is unknown. I see it as a gigantic step in the right direction of promoting health for people of all classes and for people who are not as lucky to work in such a stable environment. The healthcare system we have right now doesn't work for a large majority of America. 2y
  •   sionsnewroman Romney had very vague answers. Gary Johnson And Obama would of been a better match up. 2y
  •   stephenshoots Not gonna even respond. 2y
  •   burdman02 Romney has a bunch of suggestions with no real plan of action. Obama would have been a good president if congress wouldn't have denied everything he tried to do. If people are voting because someone is able speak well then I'm running in 2016 lol 2y
  •   i_heart_nessa @sbeckphoto I couldn't have said it better.. @burdman02 lol 2y

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