natgeotravel From @noriecicerone Exploring the land of cheese, chocolate, and secret bank accounts by train. In Wadenswil, on the shores of Lake Zurich. By the way, I'm looking for authentic souvenirs. Post tips! #atws2012 2y
  •   eng_hanay 2y
  •   ludekj They also known as salt producer, so salt rock! 2y
  •   alieualee Swiss watch 2y
  •   natureboundafrica Swiss pocket knife 2y
  •   lisasoeranto Victorinox 2y
  •   lifeisaround Cow bell and Swiss Cheese,don't forget to eat fondue 2y
  •   brigitta_merry Cow bell... When you're there try Rösti as well... That's the best dish i had in Switzerland 2y
  •   _veggie_ I luvd switzerland! Hopefully I can make it there again one day 2y

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