meekmill Some people don't remember the shit u do or did for em! They need film 2y
  •   tootiehar True !! 2y
  •   sucka_free_vee Thats real talk . 2y
  •   747erob Like how you don't remember me gettin my ALBUM ta you at CHERRY HILL MALL ..? 2y
  •   amanda_montana @meekmill you funny ba real shit tho 2y
  •   buckwild215 @meekmill pimp i need some followers so I can push my comedy CD buckwild215 2y
  •   deezy_fuego Church... Lbvs 2y
  •   rock103_ Waddup @meekmill my name lil rock ima big fan my step father take lil chino down to your concerts man I would like a S/o thanks meek Millie I'm out ill be at your concert in Bmore on November 17 th 2y
  •   yobyrd . one chance .... iPromise @meekmill . 2y

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