jmworks KIX to SIN 3y
  •   jmworks @instagramenzo また飲みましょー! 3y
  •   jmworks @toonie_hucho またメールご返信しまーす! 3y
  •   jmworks @jaeteeare I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. I want to send some instructions so could you please details to 3y
  •   holykimchi Hi @jmworks, please create a del button for webstagram >: 3y
  •   jmworks @holykimchi what do u mean del button? Could you please details to 3y
  •   holykimchi Delete photo button~ I wanted to delete like multiple of pictures on instagram but I need to del one by one on the app. So if u create a delete button on webstagram, that will be great! 3y
  •   jmworks @holykimchi I see, but I'm sorry IG does not provide it... 3y
  •   sgcarshoot Hi @jmworks, Will you please follow me? I want to send a DM to you through DM.Stagram @dmstagram. Suggestion for improvement on webstagram. Thanks. 3y

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