twenty20app Ops Manager @instacnvben is working so hard to keep our artists happy- he might actually catch fire. 2y
  •   hollie_harris @instacnvs Hehe! Enjoy! 2y
  •   elle_mcfierce @instacnvs I'm going to speak on behalf of artists worldwide...We're happy! U guys rock! @instacnvsben Go get a PBR, man! 2y
  •   realgenius If that's the case, keep the dog out of his way 2y
  •   tonydetroit Hey fellas. I'll be on NBC this Sunday talking about Detroit and Instagram. I most definitely will give you a shout out. 2y
  •   tonydetroit Also... The wife and I are driving cross country in November. Ending up in CA. Cool if we stop by the headquarters? 2y
  •   twenty20app @tonydetroit That's amazing news- congrats & thanks so much in advance for the shout out! We would absolutely love to have you stop at our HQ as well- give a shout and let us know when you'll be in town! 2y

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