kristinrogers 4 facts at this moment. 1. I'm super stoked @houseinhabit makes mini teepees now that fit inside my girls very small room! 2. I'm trying to shoot my girls room for a feature The Beautiful Mess blog asked me to do (fun!) 3. Im realizing that even if my house is tidy, it never is clean, make sense? 4. It's moments away from nap time, I need one badly ;) 2y
  •   leenstagrams @emages unreal. Gorgeous!!! 2y
  •   mimimade 3 is exactly how I would describe my house! 2y
  •   aplacetoshare hi! you wrote about a book on ig that talked about how we were/are meant to be exploring, creating, learning... not sitting & waiting to be entertained (something like that!) and i am trying to locate the name of that book, but can't find the specific ig image on your feed... do you remember that caption? if so, do you have the name of the book? 2y
  •   abjane17 I want a room like that. Lovely. how big is the mini teepee? I think we need one too! @houseinhabit 2y
  •   kristinrogers @aplacetoshare I think it was the Charlotte Mason companion guide? 2y
  •   aplacetoshare thank you!! :) 2y
  •   lumenaire @astraeprojection this feed charms me in a dozen ways. 2y
  •   missfurnellie 4 facts for you: 1 Found your Instagram because of the feature in A Beautiful Mess. 2 I am so inspired by how you homeschool your girls. 3 I am in love with your house & photography 4 (last but not least) I am shocked & completely jealous that your littles nap still!!! :-) 2y

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