makealongstoryshort YES. Waitrose, you beauty. (Totally bought them out.) #autumn #baking #pumpkin 2y
  •   beckymarlow I've been dying to do a pumpkin pie, but no Waitrose around here... Wonder if Asda will have any?! 2y
  •   helenrosephoto I totally want some but don't know where to get it?! 2y
  •   makealongstoryshort @beckymarlow Asda seems to have more US stuff than Tesco etc, so worth a shot! Only Waitrose have it down here, and only sometimes - today I was lucky :-) 2y
  •   makealongstoryshort @helenrosephoto is there a waitrose near you? @tealapple has also found it at pick-your-own farms and farm shops, which might be worth a go... 2y
  •   helenrosephoto Our nearest Waitrose is over an hour away - I may actually try sainsburys as they tend to also have unusual things that other supermarkets don't. Hmmmn 2y
  •   beckymarlow That'll be the Walmart connection then! They have Marshmallow Fluff now, I'll have to check for Pumpkin too... 2y

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