kellyslater Mugshots of @kalanimiller and I after 20 yrs of crack and crime?! #gross oldify shots. 2y
  •   dutchessjb I don't wheither to say lmfaooo or just ew. Lol 2y
  •   matthyeew So that's your secret to your success? Haha 2y
  •   bfraser16 I have the same app 2y
  •   justmuji Jejejejeje it looks so cool !! Got some of my family, very fun ones!! Bless.. 2y
  •   ulumika When I'm 64. ^_^ 2y
  •   jaytw12 Ha ha looks just like my old man! Ill try and post a pic, you'll piss your pants! 2y
  •   rolrodriguesps Take themm 1y
  •   puravidalivefree Looks like the Melbourne Walmart in Brevard Co 8mon

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