daniellejonas Midnight tea in bed with @deleasakathleen 2y
  •   aubreexcx my mom has the same cup! but it has a M on it 2y
  •   lanakelrey @camspanky24 shut the fuck up hater 2y
  •   wildeirish28 @daniellejonas Watching Sunday's episode of MTJ and I'm so proud of you being open about your panic disorder! I, among millions of others, have chronic invisible illnesses and everything you shared is so relatable! Please know you aren't alone is this and if you ever want to join our growing community of #chronicillnesssiblings you are very welcome to do so! Good luck on each day and prayers that you can get through your panic without being as alone as you feel :-) -Kasey 2y
  •   amstnael nice 2y
  •   shavonmq @daniellejonas where can I get a cup like that. Would love 2 get one 4 my mom. 2y
  •   cutiepie12151 Yummy want some 2y
  •   hahahahahahahaahahahah Coooooole Tasse 2y
  •   abbasalawi73 Nice cup For Evar 2y

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