•   lilymrtn Hermoso 2y
  •   vro9ca So many creepy houses in detroit :-P 2y
  •   simply_se7en I remember the houses in Detroit ... The pain, the tragedy & at times triumph in every house. Detroit opened my eyes 2y
  •   denizkizi2bin5 U have the most beautiful stream I have seen on instagram WOW 2y
  •   ohlookitslaura I'm in awe of all of your photos, but this one literally took my breath away. There is so much life amongst the decay. You, sir, are an inspiration. 2y
  •   kain3434 @tonydetroit it's just amazing. I live outside Edmonton Alberta. Literally the housing market is insane. Houses that cost next to nothing in the us are a million dollar house here. The housing fall there was sad and mind blowing. Beautiful homes and pics 1y
  •   jeanclaudevandel Is the entire city pretty much abandoned? I'd love to check it out 1y

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