shitluck 10 bucks MEDIUM AND LARGE LEFT!! 2y
  •   lexbmx One of the best shirts ever made. Wish my Paypal worked 2y
  •   shitluck Money order that shit 2y
  •   defero How do I get one to Melbourne, Australia?? 2y
  •   soulbmxmag I want one 2y
  •   parkvonstark Sending 37 your way in a minute for multiple items. Needed time for scratch/last call for bad decisions. 2y
  •   parkvonstark I might not have included my address. Hit me up if you need it. 2y
  •   therealdylandeweerd Are any of these left?? @shitluck 2y
  •   cshepler4130 How can i get one of these? @shitluck 2y

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