kpcc We are teaming up with IGLA, Instagram Lovers Anonymous, for a very special bi-weekly challenge. Please read the instructions below to participate and start submitting your award winning photos ASAP. The winner of this competition will be interviewed on KPCC so get shooting for a chance to be on air! 3y
  •   kpcc • IGLA and KPCC Challenge • Theme: Express Yourself
    Tag: #igla_challenge_expressyourself

    Deadline: Sunday, Oct 7 * At IGLA we are committed to enhancing and nurturing creativity. For our first challenge of our new season, we'd like to get to know the creative you.
    The theme is "Express Yourself," a creative self-portrait.

    Throughout history, nearly every artist in every medium, has explored self-portraiture. A self-portrait is defined as a portrait of oneself done by oneself, and can be a powerful form of expression that tells the viewer a little or a lot.

    Please introduce yourself to the community, and create an image that you would consider a self-portrait. You must include a part of yourself, but the theme should be expressed outside the limits of literal and traditional interpretation.

    As always with IGLA challenges, we encourage you to think outside of the box! We want to challenge and inspire one another. Images should portray the weekly theme as well as be visually compelling or evoke emotion by use of composition and/or subject matter. Good luck and have fun!

    Be creative • Be inspired • Be original

    THE FINE PRINT: • Post your own work (failure to so will result in disqualification, don't be a pirate ) • Tag ONLY 3 images (tagging more than 3 will result in exclusion) • Post new images or tag older ones • Take a moment to like, comment or follow other participants' work!

    Follow @IGLA and @KPCC for future challenges, voting, results and other great features. We will love you lots!

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  •   funnymanpatino Don't know how to tag? 3y
  •   kpcc In the photo caption just put the phrase like this: #igla_challenge_expressyourself 3y
  •   kpcc @bennybeer instructions above. 3y

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