ampt AMPt Projects: @Monart presents

The photo was taken in Malibu in a cave.
First I took a all black photo brought that into SpacePaint and put the stars on it, I did the same with the horizon it has this weird cloud thing.
I then brought the photo into ArtStudio and I screened the stars and horizon thing over the photo and lowered the opacity down to 40%. Next in ArtStudio I put a dark grey gradient to transparent from top to bottom and lowered the transparency to 40% (this makes it so the stars and horizon thing blend in)
I exported into snapseed and moved the sharpness up by 10 and lowered the contrast by 5. Using the grunge filter with no texture, I messed with the style to get the monotone vibe. This was one of the only photos I have not used VSCO on.
My name is Brett Kelez-Baird I was born in San Jose, California. Most of my upbringing was spent in Seattle, Washington. In my post-high school years I attended design school in San Francisco and currently reside in Los Angeles.

I love to post monotone photo every once in a while to change up from my usual bright colorful photos. I feel in some cases more emotion can be shown through monotone. I started doing mobile photography about 2 months ago I never was serious about photography and would use photoshop for fun but now I always have my camera (iPhone 4s) on me and I can edit on the go.

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