lakailtd Better @d_robertss 3y
  •   volk_909 Volcom is the best 3y
  •   volk_909 No afence 3y
  •   cockadoodlerue @volk_909 if you can buy it at PAC sun it's not the best. Its Just a bunch of high school poser shit. It's like tap out of the skate industry. Just a bunch of those bro fags wearing it. 3y
  •   volk_909 @dusty_rue I'm just talking about the brand in general... 3y
  •   im_famous01 @dusty_rue diamond is in PAC sun it's pretty slick but no one wears it they don't know what that shuts about #diamondlife 3y
  •   cockadoodlerue Have you seen the people walking around in diamond half of them don't even know what it is haha. @im_famous01 3y
  •   im_famous01 Shits* and I know no one really wears it here in Tennessee just the actual skaters or pot smokers. But yeah I don't like volcom or element #lakaioverallofit @dusty_rue 3y
  •   enrmo How can ppl compare a shoe company with a clothing company? 3y

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