ampt *ْ AMPt Darkroom*ْ - Techniques for Creating Stunning Architectural Images: Editing Walkthrough

For me, shooting architecture is often about capturing three things: precision, size and beauty…and in interesting ways. However, out of these three items, precision and beauty typically resonate with me the most. Naturally, my editing workflow tends to focus on enhancing these elements using several techniques that I’ll discuss in today’s tutorial.

Read the FULL TUTORIAL on (or click the link on @AMPt's profile) where Adam shares some editing techniques that will help you create stunning architectural images. We’ll show you how to cleanup and prepare your image, maintain edge detail while smoothing flat surfaces and simulate reflective contrast. Also, for the first time we’ll walk you through an in-depth edit step-by-step to show you how we achieved the final image from start to finish.

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