instadroo Finishing mastoidectomy, opening facial recess into the middle ear #swedishhear 3y
  •   aeojdas Are you going in medical school? :) 3y
  •   instadroo @dolleymendlertp I am not! But I work with Swedish medical center in Seattle 3y
  •   instadroo @dolleymendlertp I'm part of a larger communications team 3y
  •   albereca Great job! Thanks for this opportunity! 3y
  •   instadroo @albereca glad you enjoyed it! Mrs day will be available to answer questions in a live chat on oct 10 3y
  •   instadroo @albereca she has the implant activated that morning. you should tune in! 3y
  •   aeojdas That's awesome! When will the live chat be broadcasted? :) 3y

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