joshjohnson This image is by @demianre. Damian's photo stream is a wonderful example how effective a platform an Instagram photo stream can be for a well developed creative voice. Stunning work. Truly. Check it out. Fair warning his images are sensual but they are in no way explicit. Why no red banner? It just didn't feel right. That's all I can say really. 2y
  •   ariinmotion His stream isn't just sex, its emotion, and several are images that make you think a couple times about what its conveying to you. Any beauty that captures you is beauty indeed. 2y
  •   realgenius Don't forget, @demianre has an awesome eye as well!!!! 2y
  •   josiannesaid Amazing! 2y
  •   cynmoni @demianre ...beautiful photo and feed! 2y
  •   garymon16 @joshjohnson While so many photos on IG scream for attention with over saturated beaches, @demianre whispers and waits for us to listen to the subtle nuances of human emotion. Brilliant gallery! 2y
  •   _sandro13 Love it!!! 2y
  •   fereshtehazizi One of the best I've seen today :) 2y
  •   hiikarinn Ashhhh its good because it portrays the girl in the picture as soft and gentle without using words ;) 2y

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