jhines 6'7" 2y
  •   sealegged Now that's nice:) 2y
  •   miles.thompson YIKES 2y
  •   jhines @sealegged Thank you very kind, Your boards look incredible! 2y
  •   dylan__handley Where could I get one of those, and how much would it cost me? 2y
  •   matty482 Love the blunt nose. Have you shaped a simster style board yet ? 2y
  •   jhines @matty482 how do you mean a big fish? 2y
  •   matty482 No. Go to Hydrodynamicas site. They have a simster model. It's a cross between a mini and thruster. Two keels at the wings. With a trailer. Basically same outline of the mini but with wings. Pulled in tail. I want to try to shape something in the direction. Looks like a flat bottom 2y
  •   jhines @matty482 no haven't I've made some quads no three fins, I'm familiar with that one 2y

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