instagramhtx Good evening, everyone! Hope
everyone had a relaxing weekend. Mondays are so much better when the hometown teams win:) This past weekend's 'My So-Called Weekend Project' was something else. So many awesome posts in so little time. We appreciate it. We are always glad to find a couple of new folks using that tag and participating in the fun. Here are highlights from the #MSCWvanishingpoint tag listed in order: (top row, right to left) @tiffany_velez @bflechsig @ettoo @jamesocarolan (second row) @bustos84 @sozavac @estherfreedman @kaeartwork (third row) @loritatam @rachel_lillie @paoliz_1129 @josephlanford (fourth row) @screaming_monk @rtxj @cosmopolitician @marymacktx. Make sure to visit their feeds and say hello! Please note that InstagramHTX is about the community and we'd like IGers in Houston to get to know a little more about each other. Until next time, we hope everyone enjoys the rest of y'all's week! (ps. I know we've talked about another meetup, but we think we've found a rad spot for this month. A couple of phone calls this week will let us know for sure so stay tuned...)

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