•   janiejan Are u home? 2y
  •   pwp_dc5 @janiejan Yes. Tired again. 2y
  •   southunder We got stuck in that too on our drive back from my chiropractor appointment. 2y
  •   pwp_dc5 @southunder I saw the tow truck as I passed it... mangled up U-Haul trailer. 2y
  •   southunder And that required shifting ALL traffic over to the carpool lane? Ughs! 2y
  •   pwp_dc5 @southunder LOL... I cut over to the right when I saw that it was under Jackson Ave and hopped back on behind it. 2y
  •   southunder We did the same thing but couldn't see a whole lot. 2y
  •   berrybush 2y

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