khloekardashian Ohhh hiiiii 2y
  •   king_himself How are you doing I really wasn't going to do this... But Idk if you and Lamar are still together or not but this was on my heart to tell you that not to give up on him. He still needs you and i know you may feel like you've probably done all you could do but just don't give up now.... And I'm not doing this so that you can give me a s/o or anything like that because I don't want any recognition. I'm just a messenger and it was so heavy on my heart that I couldn't sleep but I wish the best for you and all the great awesome things you doing as beautiful woman!!! 1y
  •   j_scott1010 Want 12mon
  •   kaitlyn_keam You're so pretty I can't even handle @khloekardashian 10mon
  •   breannmayes I love you!!!! 8mon
  •   respectedfromday1 Gorgeous 6mon
  •   gickah @brunamostafe olha que linda 4mon
  •   brunamostafe @gickah nossa cara 😯😯 4mon
  •   321ariesqueen Luv this black on u!!!! 3mon

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