bethanynoelm My nailsies!!! #skull #nails #black #pink 3y
  •   julia.moreira_ So cuteee :x 1y
  •   unfollowthisaccount120 Really cute 1y
  •   yuval_shmueli I'm commenting here so you will see it... beth, i love your videos so so much you are my insparation! You helped me to find my biggest love- makeup! You are so amazing, before i've started watching your videos, i felt like everybody are laughing at me all the time and like everyone hated me, and you just helped me to see who is the real me and how much i worth!! I love you sooo much and i hope you will see this and comment back or something, this will make me so happy!! I'm sorry if i have mistakes in my writing, i'm not from usa.. love youuuu 12mon
  •   _michelle_.xoxo How creative are you Beth! 10mon
  •   _michelle_.xoxo I like to paint like that on me 10mon
  •   julia17m 3mon
  •   chiarawillson Love them!!!!! 3d

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