nastialiukin Fun shopping day with @jordyn_wieber 2y
  •   jemy_ray Sweeet and adorable photo 2y
  •   borisvera Ray ban girls :-) 2y
  •   claire_holt12 I LOVE HER 2y
  •   keely.pow I wanna go shopping with u!!!! Next time call me 2y
  •   gymnast5319 Nastia lukin would u please give me a shutout. Nobody ever gives me any shutouts and it would mean a lot to me when I was little i use to try to do flips u used to do on my living room floor but they weren't perfect I have many posters of u in my room ur my future gymnast and I look up to u so PLEASE give me a shout out !!!!! PLEASE!!:) :) 2y
  •   ntennety98 idk why ppl aren't crowding around them lol .. if it was me I'd Want an autograph .. but I guess I wouldn't want to disturb them .. if they want some space.. but still.. lol :) 2y
  •   olivialovesgymnastic Jordyn Wieber and you are beautiful together 2y
  •   sydney.nation Oh my gosh I am so happy I found your instagram in fourth grade I did while paper on both of you and how awesome you both are I look up to you and have a lot of fun watching gymnastics, you both inspired me soooo much and because of you I push a little harder when doing my splits and turns and I want to thank you both for being such great gymnasts if you got this please reply back. It would mean the world to me!!!! @nastialiukin 2y

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