popsugar Congrats!! Drew and Will welcome baby Olive - like the name?? 2y
  •   laineyhaha36 A normal name from a celeb. thank God they didn't name it Turnips. (Crap...I just gave a celebrity out there a baby name..sorry Turnip) 2y
  •   meital_tania Isla fishers daughter is also named olive super cute 2y
  •   nikkisoda "Olive" it! 2y
  •   vitsky @ladyhaha36 Lol! 2y
  •   mina_villasenor Cute couple! 2y
  •   ramblingjen I once had a dog named Olive! 2y
  •   bella6680 Like her character.... Olive the Other Reindeer! 2y
  •   jcicco6 My bird's name is Olive! 2y

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