whoorl Not sure why I waited 2 years to introduce grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in tomato soup! 3y
  •   africaschild2u My 2yo LOVES tomato soup and grilled cheese. Such a good lunch! 3y
  •   kerri_anne Yummmm. And still really the only way I'll eat tomato soup. 3y
  •   whoorl @geribstewart It's the tomato/red pepper soup that comes in a boxed container from Trader Joe's. :) 3y
  •   life_withmegan Such a nice chill in the air for this moment, too. 3y
  •   susu1949 My favorite 3y
  •   geribstewart That one's my son's favourite! I'm trying to find a recipe for one similar to that soup as he loves it so much. Aren't we lucky our kids love soup? Such an easy and healthy lunch :) 3y
  •   whoorl @mamabub Hahaaa, I almost commented about that. I think we're in denial over here - just pump up the AC and cook some soup! 3y
  •   nannypapaya Spots and stripes 3y

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