theradavist Prints are now for sale in the web shop. Head to the site to pick one up. 3y
  •   theradavist @mashsf I wish - machine prints 3y
  •   _cooperray Damn, gorgeous man 3y
  •   mwhstevens Selenium toned silver would look nice there. 3y
  •   theradavist @mwhstevens and be horrible for the environment and cost 10x more. 3y
  •   terrybarentsen muy bien 3y
  •   zhcr If you want to talk silver, just get a platinum print like a real baller. 3y
  •   m_w4lker How much for one of these shipped to Canada? 3y
  •   mwhstevens Yeah, I shudder to think what Boston Harbor looks like. 3y

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