ampt *ْ AMPt Darkroom*ْ - Utilizing Color Filters for Black and White Image Conversion

When viewed in color, a photo may have a wide array of color hues but once it is converted to black and white those hues may be too similar, thus producing a photo without many tonal values.

However, by employing color filters to your photographs you can improve a photo’s tonal depth before you even start processing the contrast and brightness.

Read the FULL TUTORIAL where Anna runs through 5 black and white color filter, illustrates their impact on black and white image conversion and gives some tips on when to use each one.

Check out (or click the link on @AMPt's profile) to read the entire article and visit us every Monday and Tuesday for new Darkroom lessons.
  •   starklifephoto @maryl0706 thank you!!! Appreciate your feed back 2y
  •   starklifephoto @punkrawkpurl get to readin gurl! 2y
  •   starklifephoto @minkxxx I agree! There is such class in bw 2y
  •   starklifephoto @alxurb glad you found it helpful! I had a good time researching it all 2y
  •   minkxxx @annacox cheers Anna! I think it's often harder to produce quality black and white images than it looks. The perfect black and white is extraordinary in it's depth. There is nowhere to hide (except in the deep blacks - even they have meaning though). Anyway... I tend to go on & on. Cheers again Anna. XX mink 2y
  •   starklifephoto @minkxxx agree!! BW is definitely a challenge. And you hit the nail on the head!! There is no where to hide in them. That's perfect. 2y
  •   minkxxx @annacox cheers Anna! I'll have to drop by again soon and see what's up in your gallery. XX mink 2y

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