sandrajuto out-work. 3y
  •   kbasta 12?!? Impressive! I would explode... Happy new week to you too! Hope wristworms season is treating you well and that they're selling like hotcakes! (Do you know that American saying?) 3y
  •   sandrajuto @kbasta nooo thanks for teaching me, love it! 3y
  •   kbasta (apparently they are so delicious that they sell as fast as one can make them... ;) 3y
  •   dottidee Haha I always thought you drank more than that! But it's none of my business so I never asked I love your wristworms! I think I've worn three or four outfits where the first thing I thought was "a wristworm would be very cute with this!" 3y
  •   sandrajuto @dottidee i smiled when i read your comment :) happy october! 3y
  •   malcolmmcgettigan @sandrajuto I guess not! I get jittery if I have more than 1 anyway 3y
  •   samangela Some day i hope to see your work for real! Maybe i should bring a lot of money with me! ;-) i like your pictures, the way you see. 3y

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