hoodkitty The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to // F. Scott Fitzgerald #igsomniacs @igsomniacs

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  •   los_azul Ya do it I would be cool! I do thins on the side that I don't post on IG. No BS that image is bad ass I like it My phone is about to die. I'll look for your email later or when you have the time to do it. 2y
  •   stephdc So true! 2y
  •   oldblackwater So dark and sad. Beautiful edit! 2y
  •   lacy_lalu Yep. 2y
  •   hoodkitty @los_azul 105 weeks . 2mon
  •   los_azul Ha! Wow!!! Who sucks?? I do!!! I just checked the tracking number for the package and its ETA. it's not due to arrive for another 30 weeks lol how are you?!? 2mon
  •   hoodkitty @los_azul 30 weeks! Hahaha!! I'm good! All settled in VA.& loving it here. Working more on photography and less on a job I don't want, so that's cool. Hope you're well too! 2mon

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