nolpgh The Westview Borough Halloween Parade, last night 4y
  •   raspunzel Yes, you are right, indeed ! The "smell" of Halloween comes from States !  4y
  •   petermaster Its magical!!! 4y
  •   nolpgh @petermaster thank you  4y
  •   paw77paw Halloween Time!!! 4y
  •   nolpgh @mel4929 I love it so much  I'll be sad next week when it's over  4y
  •   paw77paw Wanna try to experience Halloween in the US one day, we just celebrate with friends that are celebrating here. What food do u serve especially for Halloween? Need Ideas for a Halloween gathering at my daughters' school this Friday Erkss! 4y
  •   nolpgh @mel4929 well, of course candy!!! Other than that, the first thing that came to mind is caramel apples & candied apples, but they're kind of messy  I'm sure you could find tons of recipes online. 4y
  •   paw77paw Yup I'm lookin through right now! Candies for her classmates me thinks! And for the adults some treats too! Hehe I love candied Apples tho'!! Yum!!! 4y

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