theotisb OFWGKTA homies shut it down tonight with a special guess from Lil Wayne @atibaphoto @nikesb @shanejoneill @jeremyadams #swag #skateboarding #beleedat Uriel Esquivias 2y
  •   eolivas85 @masonorziplock I agree with you man, Wayne skating is not hurting skateboarding at all! By the looks of it it's not gonna fade away anytime soon like it did for a bit before. I'm 27 started skating as a kid just rolling around them I learned Ollie's m shit in 99 and so on, but now since I'm older and waaaay fatter and still skate people call me a kook or poser lol even tho I can still kick flip and tre and all that other shit! 2y
  •   eolivas85 I wanna see Wayne learn those kickflips 2y
  •   masonorziplock @eolivas85 that's wassup. There's too many people worried about this dude in skateboarding it's sad, cause this shit is all based off what YOU put into it. Yeah wanna see him land a flip trick to really legitimize him. The way people these kids are lately keeps me away from the park, I prefer to hit up my downtown area in the middle of the night, don't need people to see me land tricks and slam boards on ground to know I'm a skater despite my everyday appearance 2y
  •   laced @masonorziplock he made more money from skating than rap this year and still can't Ollie smfh 2y
  •   masonorziplock @laced569 bruh I agree he shouldn't have stuck his hand in the jar so fast and got $$$. 2y
  •   laced @masonorziplock I actually support and encourage minorities to skate daily and want progression for the sport as well!! But I hear u too ps. I own a skate shop!! 2y
  •   3ric3cho Lil wayne? who the fck cares about that talentless fool 2y

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