charlesdharapak Always love take offs from DCA. The Pentagon. 3y
  •   charlesdharapak @jimiwes i KNOW the tilt shift... call me a purist... 3y
  •   jimiwes That's the difference between us. You're a professional, I am a hobbyist. :D 3y
  •   charlesdharapak @jimiwes i think it's great that everyone is instagramming, though. it's all good. filters or not. 3y
  •   jimiwes Agreed. 3y
  •   cengizyar @charlesdharapak is it a purist if you're shoot'n on a phone? 3y
  •   charlesdharapak @hfwh if I'm instagramming, yes I think so. I find the fun in making something work and posting it quickly while using a phone camera that has obvious limits in capability and control 3y
  •   horhoruwm Yes, making an image work within the constraint of a phone camera is FUN! :) 3y
  •   cengizyar @charlesdharapak @horhoruwm no arguments there. 3y

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