inspiredmoments First iPhone 5 pic 2y
  •   ethanshox Do you like the phone. I can't tell anything different with it other than its lighter. 2y
  •   popeye44 That place had great food. Too bad it shut down. 2y
  •   inspiredmoments @photographybyezurs i know eh? I did a photo shoot tonight! Ill shoot you some pics tomorrow via text message 2y
  •   inspiredmoments @ethanshox its camera does low light better, its faster, taller screen, LTE Data (which makes it for me alone), you can facetime on LTE with it, its lighter, its got an aluminum back. Which actually brings it up to par durability wise with the Galaxy S3 because it wont bend as easily! Its actually beat out the S3 on many Drop tests 2y
  •   inspiredmoments @popeye44 i know! Loved their burgers!!!! 2y
  •   ethanshox I did notice the low light. I've dropped mine twice and there's two dents in it already . My oil clip didn't work with it I was kinda pissed. And I was in Florida with it and the Lte is amazing I agree. But we don't have the Lte where we live. What a bummer. 2y
  •   inspiredmoments @ethanshox dents tho, rather then a probable crack! 2y
  •   anniefell Hi :) 2y

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