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Everyday we get together and post our best images to a new #JJ forum gallery based on a theme. Our @JJ_editors browse that gallery through out the day and highlight their favorite shots. It's a great way to meet some of Instagram's most passionate photographers and to get your work seen.

Todays theme is "Weather". Basically any weather goes. Rain, Sun, Blizzards, Cloudy, Tornados, Snow, etc! Tag your images to the #jj and #jj_forum_0407 galleries.
This incredible shot was taken by @julieisjoyful and tagged to the #JJ forums. Special thanks to @jj_editor_reeza for finding it for us to enjoy and to @jj_editor_ahmyrmo for tracking it down this morning! Go tell them how much you love it.

You know how we work around here. We're about connecting. Being authentic. Don't just post. Take a real interest others shots in the gallery too. Make friends and be inspired! 1-2-3!

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