jjcommunity Good morning, all...@yomap here to highlight one of my favorite photos so far from this weekend's Keeping it Real forum of your "Big Plans". This great image was captured by @cosy64 while enjoying a day at Musée du Quai Branly, Paris. I cannot tell you how much love I have for Paris and its many wonderful museums. The city is elixir for my creative soul. Merci, @cosy64, for bringing me back for a moment!. The weekend is still young, so please keep tagging. Remember, your challenge is to show us your big plans for this weekend. Whether its spending time at a festival, or hiking, or grocery shopping. Get creative and show us what you're up to. Snap a photo of your "Big Plans" and tag it to #jj and #jj_keepingitreal_006. 3y
  •   siriininstagram Congrats ... Really really well done ... I'am glad with you:)@cosy64 3y
  •   newtnot @cosy64 beautiful shot!!! Congrats 3y
  •   christiane77 Beautiful shot @cosy64!    3y
  •   jj_editor_aprendizdeamelie @yomap did you understand me? For sure it was morning for you!, you're in USA, am I right? But I'm in Spain and it was 4 pm when you posted. That's it! (And I think it was night in Australia or Japan, but that's already too much thinking for a Saturday. ) 3y
  •   jj_editor_aprendizdeamelie @yomap I almost forget... My name's Julia, but Julie sounds quite well. Call me Julie if you want! 3y
  •   yomap @jj_editor_aprendizdeamelie :) I understood, Julia. I was just joking. And you'll have to forgive me for misspelling your name earlier. My thumbs were still trying to shake the cobwebs loose from the night's slumber. Plus, I'm thumb-challenged. These phone keypads were not designed with my digits in mind. :) 3y
  •   jj_editor_aprendizdeamelie @yomap You now got me, Michael I wasn't sure. And you're of course forgiven for that. Believe me if I tell you that people call me in many different ways and languages! 3y
  •   cosy64 @siriniendorf @newtnot @christiane77 Thanks a lot !!!  3y

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