bkachinsky Shanghai moon 2y
  •   leylaruinseverything These pics are great! 2y
  •   bkachinsky @leylaa1 thanks! China is amazing. 2y
  •   leylaruinseverything You're making it certainly seem that way :) 2y
  •   bkachinsky @leylaa1 kinda ODing on the photos but its seriously a small fraction of photo-worthy stuff here. I love this place. Ever been? 2y
  •   leylaruinseverything No! But I'm going to investigate flights today! I need a place to go over Thanksgiving. As for the photos, keep posting! When they're interesting, it's ok to OD 2y
  •   bkachinsky Visa is easy if you live in the city too. Chinese consulate in Chicago is fast and easy usually. 2y
  •   bkachinsky @leylaa1 ^^^ 2y

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