hoodkitty You are never ever prepared for death, even though it's the inevitable. You just never know. Make sure people you love & care about know it. All the time. Life is definitely too short.

I never had any intentions of posting this picture, but it's kinda how I feel after the news I received today, about the passing of an old friend from my teen years. To me this screams "WHY!?", which is exactly what I keep asking myself. Why did someone who had a wife and small child have to be taken? It's a question that can't be answered and that's the hardest part. I have fond and fun memories of him and will think of those times and celebrate his life. // #sp #me (thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post. I truly appreciate all your kindness for the loss of a friend) •

#igerseastbay #selfportrait #grief #loss #unitedbyedit #mobileartistry #editfromtheheart #iphoneart #igsomniacs
  •   rmsherwood It is so hard to lose people with whom we are close and have known.... But go on we must.... Their energy is within us and we must honor that as life is fragile but so precious.... And your friend's energy has been transformed but you do carry it within your soul.... 2y
  •   igsomniacs So awesome 2y
  •   hoodkitty @igsomniacs thanks! 2y
  •   raven_nevermore Crushing...thank you for sharing this. 2y
  •   zmlcl Oh my dear ... Its excellent .. 2y
  •   jancaru2 So so sorry for your loss Kristie. I read over the weekend was in tears for you 2y
  •   oldblackwater Damn. Sorry for that. This is so raw 2y

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