kyliejenner "You know Colorado has its mountains, but Miami has its clouds" -Uncle Burt #verytrue RIP 3y
  •   paulson_ivanna heaveeen 3y
  •   kimmsal That's really awesome. 3y
  •   yaro44 Colorado's clouds are very beautiful as well, you can't knock them. Lol 3y
  •   alancorless Very cool it. 3y
  •   pikaro76 Buena foto 3y
  •   boutdaji first in 2 years or 3 2mon
  •   knoodle_ I highly doubt you'll ever read this .. But, I sent you a dm & I just hope one day you get to read it because you are a human just like everybody else & i hope you get the time to read my dm (ps, I'm not a crazy fan -.- lol, your a regular person, just rich & "famous" haha..) 2mon

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